Monday, March 2, 2009

Sfilata di Aquilano e Rimondi

Sunday evening I worked backstage at Aquilano and Rimondi. I only knew that the Italian duo used to work for Gianfranco Ferré and they had designed one spring collection before this fall/winter 2009-10 collection.

Like always in Italy, the job started with waiting... 40 minutes outside, because some people were late. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! If I don`t wait to get into restaurant or to the plane, why should I wait now. Anyways... Waiting payed of this time.

These gorgeous shoes are definately in my shopping list. All the shoes from the collection were just amazing. The models were complaining that they were too high though... So if I get them the Italian guys have no change again, damn!

Daniela and I backstage.

The colors for the fall were black, brown, dark green, fuxia and nature white. Beautiful!

I can`t believe that all my friends are leaving from Milan one by one. Daniela will be the last to go next Sunday, right after my birthday... I will miss her terribly, I guess I just need to fly to Mexico city ASAP. ;o)

Like I told.... the waiting outside was worth it. Anna Wintour showed up in backstage to see all the clothing. It was chaotic, we were all (even the models) asked to go outside, the curtains were closed and the queen got her privacy...still I got lucky when we got back in. Hih...
This time the girls seemed tall, beautiful, more professional and extremely tiny. I felt like a giant among them... and also like a grandmom. Haha!!!

My model that I was dressing up, Charlotte, she was number 1 to start the show. Cool! Like in the show on Saturday, she was so sweet and for once I wasn`t the tallest girl in the class. Watch for this girl, she will succeed big time.

One of the outfits...

This kind of people was in the front row, I just love fashion world, it is sometimes so absurd... ;o)
You can check the entire collection from Style.

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