Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Arte di strada

I somehow thought that when the school is finished my life returns to "normal". Hah haa... What is normal? My life is never normal... It was crazy already in Finland with working every weekend, school and travelling around the world pretty much every month. Miss those good old times... ;o)

I have been sick since I graduated and finally starting to feel more energized. My cv:s are still in my computer (after fixing them 4 times with the help of some great friends) and today they need to be mailed. No matter what!!! (Okay, I will get 2 customers coming later so we`ll see...)

These pictures I took on Sunday when I went to have brunch with Anne. I don`t know what has happened, but I have started to enjoy Milan totally differently. The city looks beautiful. Maybe it is the great weather for the past 2 weeks or my new friends. ;o)

Talking about boring life... Last week when I went to see the doctor I got antibiotics of which I got an allergic reaction, my skin looks like I would have a puberty. (I had to stop it.) It has been kinda strong as well, I haven`t had any appetite and it for sure doesn`t go together with bubbling, hahahhaaa... (The instructions inside the box where written in so tiny that I didn`t bother to read them...Ups!)

It must be because of the medication I took, but I feel goofy the whole time. I lost my pants in my tiny appartment and looked for them for 2 days, I dress my clothing the inside out, yesterday I almost left the house wearing different pair of ballerinas and still every time I leave the flat, I really need to think that I am wearing all the clothing. OMG!

When do I become "normal" again? Can`t wait for that!!!

Poor mannequin, she feels as naked as I do sometimes. I love Italy cause I can wear sunclasses inside the metro and feel a bit more covered when people stairing at me...

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