Wednesday, March 25, 2009

La cena a Princi

Last night I got invited for a dinner with some friends. I thought that we would be celebrating my birthday and drinking champagne with just a few of us, but no. Still when I entered the restaurant in Brera I thought that we would be grew till 9 and in the end we were 12. Italians never have it boring for sure.
This is what I like; long table with friends, lots of red wine and good food. ;o)

Rossana goofing around...

Most of the people I knew before and the 4 new ones were sitting in the end of the table so I didn`t get to know them. That is a shame... maybe next time.
I don`t know what was so funny, because most of the pictures were mouths open or eyes closed. Hih! We did have fun; I know we were loud and the wine classes and bottles went down a few times... Yeap, it was very entertaining evening and I am happy to finally spend some more time with Italians and not just with my Finnish friends or students from Marangoni.


Paul said...

Nice pictures Heidi.

You are invited to eat Italian style, and bring your friends, next time you are in Turku.

Best always!!!

stellina said...

That sounds great Paul! ;o)