Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have been thinking... (not too much, but still ;o) ) that when will I ever grow up. Do I have to even??? Back home in Finland my friends have been married for some years, they have a career, 2 kids or the second at least coming, house, cars and stable income.
What do I have??? Boyfriend (sure), dreams to fulfill the entire planet, dust bunnies, tiny flat in the city (I had to sell my beautiful apartment back home in Turku to finance my studies here), awesome designer shoes, bags and clothing (which don`t pay the rent), great friends and luckily some customers at the moment before I will find a job.
I should be panicking, but I am not... (My Mom must stress more than I do... so sorry Mom!) I am actually enjoying my life at the moment. My friend told me last night that "if you feel that Milan is the place to be, it means that you're right. Take the best from this old small city...and make it yours ;-)" Thanks baby, I will!!!

These "catalogues" I made to present my work to some possible future clients. I like to make unique dresses that can be used day and eve. I am hoping to have the time during the next coming weeks to manufacture the dresses I have designed and maybe start my own business by that...

I have received many mails from Finland that I should participate to the Finnish version of "Project Runway". Maybe you guys are right and I should take part... ;o) Anyways, tonight is the time to celebrate my birthday and think about the future seriously "domani o un altro giorno"...


Katariina said...

Ihania asuja!! "Nepal, China ja Cute with pearls" on mun suosikkeja :) Ja olen samaa mieltä, sun pitäis ehdottomasti ottaa osaa tuohon tv-kilpailuun!! Tulit heti mieleen, kun näin mainoksen siitä :)
Ja paljon, paljon lämpimiä synttärionnitteluja!! Pidä hauskaa!!

MARKE said...

Tanti Auguri! :)

stellina said...

Kiitti tytöt!
Oli loistavat bileet!