Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend in Germania

I haven`t been travelling that much during the last year. Now when my school is finished it was time to see new places again. Last week was crazy with all the sewings, but I finished them in time, luckily. I flew to Dusseldorf early Friday morning to spend the weekend in Köln.
When I arrived to the hotel after noon I was so tired that I needed a nap. Like usually when I get to a new city I go to sleep, hih hih... Nothing changes!

In the evening we tried to do some sightseeing downtown and I found the old city center really charming. We ate well in an Italian restaurant and afterwards hurried back to the hotel. I was so tired after minimal sleep during the whole week that I fell asleep before 9 PM. What a companion I was...

On Saturday morning I slept in and missed even the breakfast cause I had no alarm when M left to work. I made it to the cathedral and was so happy to find Starbucks and get my favorite caramel Frappuccino for breakfast. I did the obligatory sightseeing and wandered downtown until M came back from Dusseldorf.

I found out that German people barely spoke English which surprised me completely. I was trying to find black leather leggings without any luck. I guess I need to make them or wait until the fall to find them from the stores in Milan.

The shopping streets were too busy and I almost became distressed... I liked the city, but I dìdn`t feel confortable in the country with German around me. I already missed back home to the sunshine and to witness the slight chaos everywhere...

I believe that is why we ate in an Italian restaurant again. I am not a friend of sausages or sauerkraut. This picture is from the New Yorker hotel lobby. It was close to the fair area, but to go around the city you will need a car...
I don`t understand why it is still so difficult to pack and unpack my stuff. I always pack the last minute nowadays and unpacking takes me 2-3 days. Must be something to do with the fact that I used to travel more than 200 days a year and I didn`t unpack my makeup bag for 3,5 years. Home sweet home!!!


Hotel NYC said...

I love champagne, too.
It just doesn't love me.
A beautiful blog you have, btw.


Katariina said...

Varmasti mukavaa vaihtaa maisemaa valilla :) Ja ma en kans voi sietaa pakkaamista! Jatan sen aina viime tippaan ja tavaroiden purkaminen kestaa ja kestaa... ;)

Anonymous said...

Much better prosecco than champagne