Friday, March 6, 2009

"Extreme beauty in Vogue"

I feel that my weeks just pass by super fast... Today I was sure it was Wednesday, but my LV aggenda said Thursday. Where did I loose one day???
I saw my client in the afternoon and after that I had "quickly" coffee with Teemu at Fnac. Sure...quickly, not possible, just too much to talk about. ;o) I barely made it home when I already had to leave back downtown. We wanted to attend the new exhibition at Palazzo della Ragione with my girls.

"It is an exhibit that focuses on the changing perception of beauty as captured through the camera lens over the past 75 years. Featured photographers at Extreme Beauty in Vogue include George Hoyningen-Huene, Richard Avedon, Steven Klein, Irving Penn and Helmut Newton. Together with a team of curators, Anna Wintour selected the nearly 100 images, which make up the exhibit, set up in a frescoed medieval palazzo now used as an exhibition hall.
The exhibit, which took more than a year in planning, was installed by French architect Jean Nouvel. Set up on two levels of scaffolding wrapped in swathes of dramatic red curtains, each photo has its own easel or booth.
Some of the photos on exhibit are juxtaposed to show how the body itself has changed since the 1930s when the first pictures were shot, and how modern photographic techniques can alter reality, much like plastic surgery.
At a pre-launch party, designer Stefano Gabbana said that "beauty should be about accepting yourself and feeling good about it."
"'Basta' -- enough with the quest for perfection."
The exhibit runs through May 10 at the Palazzo della Ragione."

3 blonds!!!

We had an "after party" at McDonalds, hahahaaa.... I have never been in that fastfood place in Milan and it was kinda fun. The place was packed and we weren`t the only table having fun.

These are my new shoes I had to take from La Rinascente when my party boots broke after just 2 months of use and they couldn`t replace them with the same ones. (Sniif...) I wore these on Tuesday for aperitivo and I got more than enough attention. ;o)

My taxidriver hooked me up with a man who promised to help me with finding a job. On Tuesday I thought that I would be discussing my future with a designer from Armani, but instead I spent it with 2 designers and 1 buyer from Armani, one Japanese brother and 5 bankers. Hih... We had a great time in Brera drinking champagne and Barolo, cooking 1AM, singing and dancing until dawn. What an evening/night! I was so flattered to be taken to the group that hearty... It can`t have anything to do with my new shoes??? Thank god, I don`t have any pictures from the home party...

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