Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pasticcino da tè

My tiny apartment doesn`t have a proper kitchen for cooking and baking like back home in Finland. I guess that is why I end up eating salads, piadine with tuna or prosciutto crudo, pasta with tomatoes or just fruits with nutella when I am home. My friend told me the other week that: "Sweetie, you need to start eating like Italians do when you live here." ...But I do, nutella is very much Italian!!!! ;o)
Today I baked scones for dinner (not so Italian). Not so proper food either, but I ate them with cucumber, apple and salad so I got some vitamins. I might have tasted a few with some nutella as well... Damn, I know I need to quit eating nutella. I am just completely hooked for it and the scones with nutella, nam! I wonder if there is some AAA club for people with nutella addiction ;o)

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