Thursday, March 26, 2009

Il gattino

When I was a child I had my own cat, Täplä it was called. It was a manx cat with only a tiny tail. It grew up with me for years, but when my little brother was born, it became so jealous that it moved away. I have always loved cats more than dogs. Some years ago I started to dream of a tiger or panther cub, but soon realized that I couldn`t afford to raise it. My M even tried to buy me a white tiger kitten from a zoo in Northern Africa. Despite the money he offered the owner didin`t sell his puppy.
In my neighbourhood in lives a beautiful black cat. It used to be really shy, but nowadays I can pet it as much as I want. I do want a cat one day, but maybe now is not the time for that. Yes and I still want my Chanel 2.55, Porsche with a driver etc... ;o)

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