Sunday, March 8, 2009

La festa del mio compleanno

We celebrated me getting older yesterday with my best friends. I don`t know how proud I should be of my age, but we did have fun. :o)
We had dinner in Naviglio at Officina 12 in the evening. The food was good again, but the service... damn, it sucked big time. I don`t think that I will return there anymore. That is a shame, because I really like the place.

My heels...

After the cena we returned to my place for some sparkling before going to Punks Wear Prada. We haven`t been all 3 Finnish girls together partying for a long time. It was a blast!!!

Two blonds...

The night ended way too fast and we left searching for a taxi and some food with friends. Hahhaaa.... What a mess the end of the night! After some early morning phonechats I finally made it to bed 7.30 in the morning... This age and still partying until the early morning, bravo!!!

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