Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sabato sera a Milano

When there is no kitchen to cook, you need to go out with your new frends, right? On Saturday we went for dinner with my new classmates or at least I hoped to go to a chinese restaurant that we had talked about. After being late for an hour of our first planned meeting time and changed the location once, we ended up to this nice Altamoda-café in Brera, for aperitivo. The place was great!

During the evening drinking my new favourite drinks, mohitos, I learned a lot about my new friends. We are all from different countries around the world. Somebody is from strict private school, other from hippie-school with no exams. Someone is kinda lost without a personal driver, cook and cleaning lady. (It isn`t that easy to do your own dinner or clean your own laundry). Someone is a famous singer back home, spanish teacher or just graduated from high school. Most of the people were still living with their parents before moving here. I never feel outside with these friends, but I certainly am a bit more grown up and maybe also a bit older... I would love to be able to continue my studies still in London, Paris and New York (one year in each, like someone planned). For that I am way too old and I really don`t have the money. (Pappa betalar inte...)

Best conversation was with bed and fridge. Yes, one of my friends can`t sleep because the fridge is too close to the bed and gives bad energy. Luckily she can call to her feng shui-teacher to solve this problem. ;o)

I know that I will get great friends, get fluent with Italian and I already got a sister I never had. Thanks Monica!! If someone needs help, I certainly can help.

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