Thursday, April 17, 2008

La vita meglio?

On Tuesday when checking out from the hotel in the morning before school and leaving all my luggages and belongigs there, I felt terrible. I didn`t know where to move in the afternoon. I went again to the Residency office at nine and of course I had the wrong document for my healthcare. After school I moved all my 10 luggage to this apartment which my real estate agent had magically gotten for me. (He called to his mom, aunt, friends and other colleagues... Nice guy!) On Monday evening I tried to find a reasonable priced hotel room from this city and found out that the cheapest where starting from 450€. Great! This week Milan really is packed.

On the way to the hotel I was having fun in Montenapoleone metrostation.

The apartment where I am now is terrible. I have so much "principessa" in me, that I don`t know how to manage here for 2 weeks. I only come here to sleep and shower. This will be an expensive staying here... I have already eaten out every evening, bought too much prosecco and visited Louis Vuitton twice. God, I miss my old apartment in Finland with Oras-showers, Alessi- waterpan, nice and warm sheets and my TV.

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Jeede said...

Mullaki menee hermo asuntohommiin. Otin työpaikan hesasta, eli nyt tarttis koti löytää. HKI tunnetusti ei oo kovinkaan halpa. Hitto ku ois joku kenen kanssa jakaa laina :(