Sunday, April 6, 2008

Apartment hunting

My biggest worry for the last week has been finding a decent apartment from Milan in just two weeks. I have had a certain budget what I want to pay. I already knew that living here is expensive, but I never thought it would be like this. I got a good advise from my Finnish designer friend how to start searching. He advised me to start walking in the areas where I want to live and start looking for "Affittasi"-signs. If there is an apartment free in the house, there is always a sign outside the building to show it.
So my walks around Navigli, Ticinese and Porta Genova started... After finding tens of these signs I started to call after them and make appointments. All of these phonecalls were made in italian. What an incredible way to learn the language better. I don`t recommend it to anyone, though! At the same time I was searching through internet and calling other rental agencies...and not to mention this has been my first week of school.

On Friday I went to see one apartment at Navigli, by the canal. It was an old building which I love and it had been just renovated. Meaning new kitchen with oven (others just have had microwaves), new bathroom, new bedroom and new sofa. I highlight the word NEW cause I have seen such disgusting places with increadibly high rents that I can`t believe. I have visited one-room-apartments with the rent of 650€. Huh!!! How in earth can people live here like this?

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