Friday, April 18, 2008

La Scala

I love ballet and especially in Milan, La Scala. I went there first time about 10 years ago with my mom to see La Cenerentola/The Cinderella. Year ago, when living in Helsinki and working for a famous Finnish designer Janne Renvall I tried to go to see The Swanlake, but it was too hard (never enough time). Before that I had quite an experience around x-mas, dragging my ex-boyfriend to the Nutcracker- ballet and making him (and me) suffer there. At that moment I desided, that never ever in my life will I try to accompany a guy there, unless he is gay.

My friend Anna from Finland arrived here with her school, to find out all the latest innovations with Design. Like I told before, Milan has Design week at the moment, Mobile del Salone. She really made my day yesterday, by wanting to come to the ballet with me. The Swanlake was unbelievable. I have seen it once before in Finland, but this really was something...

After the ballet, we went out for drinks with two italian friends from Venice. The mohitos tasted really good, when there was a view of Duomo just in front of you behind the rainy class. My evening ended with a try to find a taxi in wet Milan with hundreds of other people.... Luckily my friends made sure, that I got safely back home.

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