Sunday, April 13, 2008

La vita senza casa

This is Monica on our way to her apartment to get me an other luggage for all my books that have arrived here by mail.

I had to move to a hotel. I didn`t get the apartment in time and I had to check out from the other apartment. I felt that even thought the money might have arrived in time from Finland, there were too many problems with this old agenzie. On Thursday I went to see an other apartment in Ticinese and I just fell in love with it. The area was clean with full of trendy stores. There were no electricity in the apartment, so I couldn`t see well how it really was. The floor was green carpet, kitchen was terrible, there were no bed, no oven, neither enough closet space for my clothing or shoes... But there was something. ;o) High seeling and only one big room, of course the bathroom was separate... with bathtub. I love to have bubblebaths, with a class of champagne or two...

So I ended up going to this new agenzie and we made a recommendation to the new landlord of me needing these certain items. For now, he has accepted them all and I am meeting him on Monday. I know there will be reconstruction to come, but at least I hopefully get to move to an apartment where my "padrone" (landlord) cares about me and where I feel homie. I can`t wait to meet him and find out more where to move and when.

For now I am enjoying my life in a really nice hotel called Andreola Grand Hotel, with great breakfast, cleening every day and paying way too much of my internet time. (I guess I unfortunately need to leave the new Prada sunglasses in the store).

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