Thursday, April 24, 2008

Le cose che mi fanno felize?

What does it take to make you happy? I still don`t know where to live next week. The owner of the apartment where I would like to move, has been thinking now for 2 weeks if he wants to rent it. Si!!! Today I heard that now he is considering selling it. What an italian!!!!!
Meanwhile I am staying in Porta Venezia (where the pics are taken) and I still haven`t unpacked my luggages. I would love to hang my dresses and take out my highheels. The weather has finally started to get warm. Today it was +24c. My mood goes up and down like the weather these days, because I would finally start living the normal life here. I haven`t been homesick, but sometimes you just need to get cheared up a bit...

I started to think what makes me happy... Last night, after getting back to the apartment from a terrible dinner, I found out that videoconversation with a friend was exactly what I needed. (Thanks baby...again!) Today I got a surprise visitor at lunchtime with a bottle of red wine and lunch ingredients. It turned out to be a picnic... Even a little message from a friend is sometimes enough to make you smile and think warmly. In the evening when getting the groceries, I bought some sparkling wine, strawberries, chocolate and ice cream. If it is only those little things to make you happy, who says you can`t enjoy every day?

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marke said...


Huomasin että asustelet Milanossa. Meillä Milanon Au paireilla/muutamalla muulla suomalaisella ois vappupiknik ens torstaina, tervetuloa seuraan! Voit laittaa mulle mailia jos kiinnostaa niin sovitaan tarkemmin :)