Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mia prima visitatrice

On Tuesday I got my first guest here in Milan. Jette arrived from St. Moritz. She was there as a skiing instructor for the season and desided to visit me before flying home to Finland.
When she arrived we were in the middle of phone conversations with my friend Stefano. The rental agency I use here, became difficult. Have you ever heard something like this? To get the apartment here, I need to have 1 years rent already in my Italian bank account, to be able to pay 3 months rent, the agenzy fee (1100€), some taxes (220€) and I also need the guarantee from my Italian bank. If I want to end the rent contract, I have 6 months notice time. WOW!!!
At the end, I said that this would be okay, but the money doesn`t transfer from Finland in time, by Friday. I am only allowed to stay in this apartment until Saturday. I asked if the guarantee from Finnish OKO-bank saying that the money is arriving, would be enough guarantee for me to move there on Saturday, but I got a NO. I was only told that "we are simple people here in Italy and we don`t give a shit if you have to move to the hotel". Nice!!
Here we are, Jette and I.

Yesterday we went out for dinner with my friends from school. It was the first time and certainly not the last. We had fun getting to know each other. Other than this I have been too busy showing Jette the town. She has also had bad luck with the weather. It has been raining the whole week, so sightseeing by yourself in rain isn`t too much fun.

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