Monday, April 14, 2008

Lunedí difficile

This advertisement is in every metrostation. I guess I am totally cool! Great to get a reminder of home every day. Today I had a meeting with the new landlord at the agenzie. It went well, but he needs to think about it with no rush. Noo!!!!! I need the place now! I understant it. I am a foreigner and usually here in Italy, the rent contracts are made for 4+4 years. I pray for him to approve me. I really liked the apartment.
That means that I really am without a place to stay tomorrow, HOMELESS! This week in Milan is the busiest week in the whole year, I have heard. Milan Design Week, Salone del mobile has just started.
I guess the first time since my arrival, I feel a bit down. It has been raining for a week now, I got kicked out of the pattern making-class today (if you can`t stay the entire 2,5 hours, you can`t be present at all) and I have to move again...who knows where. Luckily I am a tough girl! This all only makes me stronger for what`s to come. After a class of prosecco I will for sure feel better and if not, I just walk to the Louis Vuitton-store tomorrow and get the cure...

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