Sunday, April 6, 2008

First day; behind the door

I never thought that it would happen to me, but here we go... First day in Milan and I left for a walk to see how is the surrounding area. Walking here on the streets, tall, blond, Finnish girl... a lot of attention and people calling after you. Anyways, I found a supermarked and did some groceries. Walking 10 blocks back with 4 heavy bags in sun shine, wearing "winter"-clothing makes you thirsty and sweaty. I couldn`t wait to get back to the apartment.

Behind the door trying to open up the locks and not getting in, makes you a bit nervous. So, my first day here in Milan and I didn`t get in to my apartment. I was trying to open the door for 30 minutes and felt quite frustrated. It was Saturday and I was wondering to whom to call... I went to ask help from neighbours in this building, but nobody was home. After asking help from two guys passing me and still no open door, I had to call the rent-agency. Feeling dumb, blond and very much tourist the guy from Rentexpress came. He couldn`t open up the door as well. Nice! We had to call the repair man to open the door. After 1,5 hours I finally get in and at the end I didn`t feel that bad anymore. One new experience to get yourself cleared in italian behind a locked door...

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