Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mercatone dell´ antiquariato del Naviglio grande

At Naviglio, there is an outdoor antiques market on the last Sunday of every month. It is one of the largest antiques markets in Milan. The bargains include clothes, toys, books, furniture and jewellery.

One month ago when I arrived to Milan, I accidentaly found myself from the river bangs of Naviglio and from the market. Actually it was a bit too late in the evening, so everything was closing. Today we visited the market with Irene, my Finnish friend, who studies at Marangoni as well. I think visiting this market will be in my agenda monthly.

I just couldn`t walk past this adorable screen. I thought that it is exactly what I will need in my new apartment...if I get it. The partition is from 1930`s and thinking of my furniture back home it will match them perfectly. I just need to change the fabrics for some new white lace or other...
You can just imagine how much fun we had having aperitivos and in the metro with this new Friend...

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