Sunday, April 6, 2008

Destination Bella Italia

I finally made it to Milan about one week ago. I was planning to start writing every day, but it has been a huge hassle here... as well. Back in Finland I sold my apartment in Turku and moved all my stuff to my parents house. ( My mom is so happy with me...) What a job to do all by yourself. Luckily my dad has helped me a lot. ;o)

Anyways, I arrived to Milan Friday evening with my 10 bags (I had about 120kg extra weight in my bags) and got a little assistance in the airport from a nice italian gentleman. He helped me to taxi. The journey started great with the taxi driver trying to screw me of with paying more than normally. I speak italian and I didn`t give up with the price. At the end, outside my new rent apartment he left me and all my bags in the middle of the road and pulled of. Great!
I have been staying in this nice apartment from Rentexpress for a week now. It is hideously way too expensive, but I had no other choise. This one or hotel with no kitchen. It is in Porta Genova, really close to a metro. I have kitchen, bedroom and livingroom in the apartment so it has really served me well. It is in the area where I want to live so looking for the apartment and staying already here, has been good decision.

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