Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have always thought that Sundays are great for meeting friends like they always do here in Italy. Tonight after drawing human bodies for schol the whole day, we went out for aperitivo with my beautiful school friend from the Philippines. Here is a great tradition in the evenings at "aperitivo"-time around 19-21.00 when you enter a place and order a drink with 7 euros, you get to eat free from the buffet table.Basicly you will get your stomach full with this. I have already found a few really great places around the area.
Here were are at Más with Monica.

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Ciao Heidi:

Your passion for your life will show in your work. Thank you for sharing your experiences. If you don't mind, I will follow you through your journal.

Enjoy this new adventure and I envy your strength and desire in following your dreams!!

Ciao bella ragazza!