Sunday, April 12, 2009

Passione...nutella e le fragole

I believe that I have admitted having a slight problem with Nutella... ;o) I used to eat it with toast or piadine, but lately I have eaten it with only strawberries or kiwis...and for lunch and dinner. Ups! I don`t know from whom I have inherited this craving for sweets... I guess that my dad is to blame or my mom always baking treats with sugar, butter and cream. I miss home... especially now in Easter-time.
After school finished I have had a bit more free time and making crepes is always nice. Here is a recipe that I have used and my friends like. (They don`t know about the protein powder, neither does my brother in Finland...)
5 dl milk (I use soya milk)
2 eggs
0,5 dl sugar
0,5 tsp salt
2dl flour
0,5 dl protein powder (I think they are healthier that way...)
For baking I use olive oil.


Lilpixie said...

I'm going to make them they look delicious

stellina said...


Paul said...

You and Nutella. What a combination!!!!

SuomItaly said...

Nice combination even if I like more strawberries and cream.