Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Salone del mobile 2009

The Milan Design Week started officially today, but we were already yesterday taking part of all the opening parties. My friend Kristiina flew in from Finland on Monday for 10 days and of course I needed to join her for some fun. (You can`t understand how insanely much I have work to do, I am drowning...)
The first party was the opening of a Fila-store in Corso Como 2. My friends joined us there. The weather was great until it started to rain... Luckily we had seats under roof and the fresh Mojitos kept us warm. ;o)

I have to admit that great work with PR done in this opening. There were a few hundred persons at least and I saw the event invitations going around in ASW and Facebook weeks before. Great job! That is partly how I will arrange the opening of my own store.

We changed place for the opening of Triennale di Bovisa (or something). There you really saw that the rain had ruined the party. The poor Red Bull-dj had to play all night long because the band never came on stage.

I got hungry after midnight and for my great surprise my friend took us to eat downtown. We went to a restaurant behind Duomo, which was kept open just for us 4. Kinda cool having the entire crew serving us in the empty restaurant and the owner sitting in our table chatting... These are the tiny surprises why I love to live in Italy.


Paul said...

Love your belt buckle!!!

stellina said...

I need to have my own brand, right?

Geri Wu said...

love the outfit!

xx, Geri

stellina said...

Thanks Geri!
Your blog seems cool. ;o)
I loved the necklace you made.