Saturday, April 25, 2009

Festa di venerdi sera a Design Week

If I think about last night, I can only say: Oh No! John!
I have more work to do than I have time and capable hands. During this week I got some new clients from Marangoni and I have been designing all the winter collections that I need to make for the winter 2010-11 to my Dutch sports company. (I got a job!!!!!!) I am so happy for that.

I have my friend here for 10 days and all I do is work from 7 in the morning until midnight. Yesterday after the feeling that my tiny apartment is like a circus with clients, friends and landlords coming and going, I promised to my Bionda to go out with her and have some fun. We heard that the best party in town would be in the Pirelli-building and its 31st floor. We headed there with metro ( I am still saving, but HATING all the public transportations).

I was driving Kri insane with all the pictures. This one is from the Central Station. The streets close to the skyscraper were packed with people and it was chaotic. Nobody knew what to do or where to go and afterwards we learned that there were so many people that the buiding needed to be emptied. Only in Italia!!! I asked advise from the nice police men where to go and they almost promised to give us a ride in the police car. The only reason why not to, was the dirtiness of their backseat (sure, I believe they were just cowards. ;o) )

We couldn`t get a taxi and jumped into a tram... I got a great idea with all the pictures and we had some fun all the way until Naviglio. (That is where I live and from where we left, great trip of the city at midnight.) I would love to take some fashion editorials here in this old tram in the middle of the night of my dresses. Later for sure...
We started it easy and I can`t even add the sexiest pictures here, sorry................ ;o)

I know that we were drawing attention walking in the streets; two almost 190 cm blonds with huge heels. So much fun!!! (My heels are Hugo Boss and the purse is my caramel color Prada.)
We went to Bond where was Oh No! John!-party. I still haven`t gotten used to the idea of standing or sitting outside with drinks like it is here in Milan. If I go clubbing I want to have a table where to have my drinks (hopefully champagne) and seats where to rest my feet after dancing like a superstar with my 14cm heels... No dancing last night, only feeling slightly cold after waiting for my friend, who dissappeared for too long and left me alone with all the guys who surrounded me. Italia!!! ;o)

We saw this cool "Floating seats"-exhibition in the Naviglio canal.
This was kinda funny, I took some pictures inside and these two guys were looking straight into the camera and I didn`t even notice that last night... Meno male! (Not bad!)

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