Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mostra di Federica Varotto

On Tuesday evening I got an invitation to go to see the exhibition opening of Federica Varotto`s Sogni. She is the mother of my friend. I completely forgot that I saw her work already before in my friend`s office. The exhibition takes place in THE NEW ARS ITALICA in via De Amicis 28. Her works were impressive, but I felt that the galleria walls weren`t large enough to show the power of the art pieces.

From the galleria we went for aperitivos to Le Biciclette. What a cool place! I heard that it is famous in Milan. The evening was about to end too early and Teemu invited us to go to see his apartment. Though we live close to each other, it was the first time for me there. His home was great and the Finnish Salmiakki tasted so good! I hoped that the evening/ night wouldn`t end... I didn`t take any pictures of the evening, because I got kinda hard time on Sunday tagging my friend to some photos... so no more pictures!!! Punto.

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