Monday, April 20, 2009

La bellezza

Little by little I have started to save with my cosmetic bills. I try not to spend that much on them, but for some products it just isn`t possible. I don`t know when I actually got hooked up for Sisley for face, Kerastase & Tigi-products for my hair, Clarins for my body, YSL & Chanel for make up. I am not a girl from the cheaper end, I know that and I have heard it said soooo many times. "Damn girl, you are expensive!" Hahhaha, I can`t help it!

With this "depression" I have reluctantly changed my smooth Clarins bodylotions to Natusan baby-lotions, but just until I find a real job... ;o) There is an other thing that never changes; why, oi why all the cosmetics end at the same time? That is really a pain is the ass to spend hundreds of euros at the same time when purchasing them again.

I ran out of my scrub and before I can pick up a new one, I tried sugar and honey-mask made at home. It seems to work well. Though I would love to get a real facial as well. In Finland I used to go to the beauty salon once a month to pamper myself, but I still haven`t found a place from Milan. I guess I need to find one from here, seems that I am not going anywhere from bella Milano... ;o)

For Finnish readers I found a great page with all the homemade beautytips: Kauneusvinkit.

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