Monday, April 27, 2009

Domenica deludente

I have one problem. I can`t say "no" to work when I get the offers and I stress for not completing my works perfectly. This time the situation is partly caused for seeing my friend without a job in Milan for months. The fashion business isn`t doing that great, so I should be extremely happy to be working my butt off. ;o)

Yesterday was the Naviglio market again, where I wanted to go to find some inspiration, accessories for my sewings and maybe get some info where to find the Bvlgari "Coin"-necklace that I am dreaming of.

It has been raining already for some days and the canal banks were pretty empty, despite the Design week-tourists. The weather was depressing... and so looked this vintage store.

My friend stayed home sleeping, so I had noone to take pictures of my Burberry-skirt, flavoured with "Hai"-rubberboots... I so need to get the new boots from Burberry! It is kinda sad that I even have to think about purchasing rubberboots in the fashion capital of the world...

My trip was pretty vain. I saw nothing special (only one necklace draw my attention) and today I learned after some e-mails that my dream necklace of Bvlgary is on sale pretty rare and will cost a fortune if found. Sniif... The weather senses my feelings...

This poor lady was trying to earn her living by selling buttons. She raised her voice slightly for one customer and I learned that having a sales spot for a day costs 510€. It isn`t easy being a "nappikauppias" (button salesman). Hih! Luckily I am enjoying my works at the moment and I am getting closer to my dream day by day... if only the rain would stop. ;o)

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Paul said...

Prendami l'acquisto per favore!

Love the boots!!