Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have been working the entire week with a new research and it is so much fun. (Though the part that I spend more than 100€ for the new trend magazines...Damn expensive!) I haven`t seen my friend Anne since her birthday so we wanted to meet for aperitivo. Last week I was in Noon for drinks and I promised for my old friend to go to see him again asap... so I booked a table there for us. It was great...the same weekday, time and table where we always sat last year. ;o) I missed the place... Anyways, we ended up being 6 Finns all together. Some new blood in town...
Today I have felt great after good night`s sleep, morning run and some working again. My friend came for a surprise visit to help me with some research, which was sweet. Two other friends are coming on Monday and the Design Week starts (Salone del Mobile) on Wednesday so there will be plenty of coctail parties every night to come. Huh! How will I ever manage with my work, being a hostess and attending for all the cool parties...

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Satunkaa said...

Heidi Muru! Toivottavasti nyt ehdit jokaisiin pippaloihin sädehtimään! :)

Ajattelin sua eilen paljon, olimme nimittäin koko päivän Raumalla.
Leevillä oli futisturnaus ja me emme kyllä valitettavasti muuta Raumasta nähneet kuin futishallin... Kaula pitkänä vilkuilin auton ikkunasta vanhan kaupungin suuntaan, mutta kesällä ehkä sitten..