Sunday, April 5, 2009

Il giorno 3 con Krisse

We have been busy this week with my friends in Milan. On Friday we did some more exploring of the city, mostly in Naviglio and Ticinese. The weather was beautiful and I am happy that Krisse saw Milan with some sun shine as well.
People have been asking if we are sisters and in the pictures we took last night we for sure look alike. Funny!
Posing at Colonne di San Lorenzo...

In the evening we went for dinner to Premiata Pizzeria at Naviglio. On the way there we had to fool around a bit with the silly sunglasses.

We had a great time eating and drinking well. I was pleased to find out that all my friends got along just fine.

It was Friday evening and the canal was packed with young people drinking and talking with their friends. I can`t wait for summer and all the terraces to open.

We ran into some boys from Stockholm. So cool, you hear Swedish and immediately you can start chatting with total strangers.

When we came home we had my new kitty waiting for us. I like having her inside with me. When the weather is warm she uses my window to enter when she wants. I hope the owner don`t dislike me feeding her...

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