Friday, April 3, 2009

Il giorno 2 con Krisse

The second day with Krisse here started slowly... There was no rush to get up from the bed because the weather was gray again. We wanted to join M with his business lunch and I wanted to see our friend Stefano again.
We took the metro to his office and walked to our lunch place "Cucina da Oscar". It is a traditional Italian restaurant close to Porta Venezia where you eat really well. Stefano has taken us there some years ago and all I remembered from before was that the owner is a huge Mussolini fan.

After lunch we took a tour at the fashion quarter of all the famous designers. I have been avoiding Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga and the other expensive streets for a while now. It is a torture go there when you can`t shop anything. When I get a job I will be allowed for some designer shoes again.

The blonds under Burberry. ;o)

My new kitty who I have been talking about. She comes in from my open window nowadays. She is soooo beautiful!!!

In the evening we had a crepes-party with Teemu and Shannon who flew in the same night from Canada. Pancakes, nutella, strawberries and some sparkling tasted really good.

Later we took our Finnish boys for some drinks at Naviglio. They had been skiing at Courmeyer for the week. Luca and Andrea by the canal was the only place to have people in the rainy Thursday evening.

It is always so funny to realise how small Finland is. Pekka is from my home city Rauma and with Kalle and Tommi we share quite a few friends in common.

We wanted some night snack and found a place open at that time. The sandwiches tasted good. Tommi was too eager to take some pictures with our mouths ful... ;o)

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