Monday, May 19, 2008


Neighbourhood. Every evening I need to go outside and shutter my windows. In the mornings I usually open them up when I come home from a run. (YES, I still go running in the mornings, except when I have slept in...) It is amazing to see and hear how your neighbours live. I lived almost 7 years in my last apartment in Finland and I barely knew who lived next to me. Here it is all so close... On Sunday I heard loud and clear that Inter Milan won Serie A and I don`t even own a TV. The same afternoon my upstairs grandmom stopped by my window and started to chat with me while I was drawing in the kitchen.

This morning before going to school, our portiere, Eugenio stopped me and told that I have got post in the mailbox. In the afternoon when I opened my very first electricity bill here and was shocked, I run to Eugenio to check out that it was correct. The bill for the first 10 days living here was 67 euros. If someone is saying that Milan isn`t expensive is definatively lying.

It has been raining for more than a week now. The weather is humid and the metro-trips in rush hours are annoying. I don`t know if it is because of too little sleep or just that I am happy, but I felt extremely giggly today. My Digital Design teacher was just loosing it with me... On the way home at Duomo station, I started to laugh aloud when I saw some guy singing and dancing alone while waiting for the metro. The old lady next to him had a disposable showerhat on, to cover her locks. Next woman of her had a quilted jacket on and it is only +23 celsius outside. Only in Italy!!! I really can`t tell if it is Monday or Friday or something between... ;o)

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