Sunday, May 4, 2008

Via Vigevano 41

I have finally unpacked my luggage at Porta Genova. I actually moved back to the same house where I stayed for the beginning. This apartment was supposed to be just for a month, but I think I might stay here. I like it here and the metro is just 50m away. For the last three days I have made this place livable. Here was nothing when I came on Wednesday... You can guess how many hundreds it needs to buy everything. Think about cooking, drinking prosecco, taking shower, sleeping. I had to get it all. Now I can have friends over for dinner (max 6 though, that is how many plates and glasses I have got...)
This picture is from the courtyard. My apartment is in the second floor, I have my own entrance.

This cargobox has given lot of people headaches. It was sent from Finland in the beginning of April, but I couldn`t receive it because I had no permanent address. After many many many phonecalls, I finally got it on Friday. Luckily it didn`t rain (like on Wednesday when moving) when I had to unload it by myself to the second floor. I haven`t been so happy in a while when I opened the bags and found my Alessi-fruitbowls, my own covers, towels and ballerina-shoes. It felt really good to get everything from home.

Now I feel that I can finally start concentrating on school and start waiting for guest to my own place here. Baci tutti!!

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