Saturday, May 10, 2008

Solo in Italia

On my way home one afternoon I saw these friends. I thought, that only in Italy this is normal. I guess they were going shopping to La Rinascente. Hmmm... Talking about normal...
For the last weeks here I have experienced things, that I would have never ever imagined while living in Finland. One of my best friends here is a Greek gay guy. He is a famous singer back home and now he is here studying with me. He helps me with drawing and I help him in photo shop and pattern making. Nice symbiosis! We only speak italian together which I like... and he likes to cook me great greek food.

I don`t usually like to "click" with the other Finnish peope while living abroad, but here I have met some great friends. On Wednesday I saw Teemu, my designer friend from Bottega Veneta. We went for a pizza and we had a blast. He is so much fun to be with...

Friday evening we went for aperitivos to Noon (which will become our Friday place) with my two other Finnish friends Irene and Anne. It was fun to see Anne for a long time and her friends. I planned to end the evening short, but we got other friends joining us and we ended up to Living. It is a famous club at Piazza Sempione. It reminded me of Finland (Sibben puisto) because you orded drinks inside and you hang out outside on the street chatting and drinking.

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