Monday, May 26, 2008

Il forno

On Thursday I finally signed the rent-contract for this apartment. I knew already that my landlords` son was nice... (and cute), but I didn`t know that his parents were extremely nice as well. In the beginning of the week I got a message saying "Mamma" and a phonenumber. I thought that it was a spam, but on Thursday when Mamma called, I understood. She was my new landlord and the owner of this apartment. She came to visit me and to find out what I needed to live here.
I told her that I need an oven to cook and bake. There is no use of a microwave for me, I need to bake brownies for M and lasagne for my little brother when they visit me. On Saturday the parents arrived with the cutest oven I have ever seen, it is size of a microwave. They also brought me a ventilator, promised to get me a TV and they had bought me a big mattress which will arrive next week. I couldn`t have been more happier with my new landlords... I feel that if there comes a problem, they will help me out for sure.

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