Saturday, May 10, 2008

Living la vita Milano

I am finally able to join pretty normal life here. The first month I spent hunting apartments, doing all the byrogracy stuff, but now... I am loving it here! The weather being +28c for the last week has maybe something to do with it as well and my new home starting to be all arranged.
On Tuesday after school we went shopping pantoni`s with Monica. We use pantoni (color-pencils) for coloring all the drawings. I have started to walk past Duomo on my way to school and back. I enjoy watching people sitting in the stairs and turists taking pictures. ( I have gotten this awful habit of taking a picture of me with Duomo in the will see later.)

I wore my beautiful Sonia Rykiel highheels to school this day and was loving the attention of being 185cm tall. ;o) Poor italian men!!!

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