Sunday, May 4, 2008

Il derby a Milano

Today I went to see footboll in San Siro. It was the local match against AC Milan and Inter Milan. My friend Davide took me there. It is always a surprise when he picks me up... (One time I did have the tiniest miniskirt on, at least people driving behind us liked it... )
I tried to find tickets before on line, but found out, that they are extremely expensive. You also need to inform all the personal information because of the security. When entering the stadium I saw that even getting in isn`t that easy.

The match was a blast! The sun was shining (I hopefully got a bit tan) and atmosphere was great. AC Milan won and we were happy. If I understood correct, they moved up to fourth spot in Serie A and they will play in Champions League now. Hey... I am just a blond girl from Finland, the land of hockey.

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