Friday, February 20, 2009

Venerdì e negozi vintage

I remember being quite happy in November when I found Toni & Guy- hairsalon in San Babila. The first time I was there was okay, but the second time just before flying home for christmas, they ruined my hair. The service was terrible, the color came out after one wash, they didn`t have time to cut my hair (though I had booked the time for that) and it was overpriced big time. I am the kind of person who shouts to the world if I get good service and if I get treated badly, I never return. Now I found a new salon in Corso Garibaldi called Wabi-Sabi. The owner Fabio was super cool and at least now I am content...
I met Teemu for coffee at Mondadori and my first client as well. So much fun to start sewing for her. I got surprised that one teacher had recommended me at school, not even my own teacher Mario... Maybe this will be the beginning of my successful business. (Dreaming again...) ;o)
Sanna made it to Duomo as well from Sforcesco museums and we started our vintage tour. In Naviglio there is at least 3 vintage stores and my favorite is Elizabeth the First. Sanna had found cool dresses there the night before and now she needed my opinion. She got her dresses and even I found something from the 1950`s. I will try to take some pictures later... ;o)

The other extremely nice store is Cavalli e Nastri in Via Gian Giacomo Mora. They have an other store in Via Brera. I heard that the famous designer houses go there to get inspiration and buy items which they change for the coming collections...

I even found an old Marimekko-dress there... it was next to a Chanel jacket priced 1000€. I think next time when I go home to Finland I start looking for old Marimekko clothing which I can sell here in Milan with big money, hih hih...

Vintage clothing is great! I loved to visit second hand stores already in Finland. If you know how to mix it with new clothing that is just perfect.

Here are the links to the stores: Cavalli e Nastri and Elizabeth the First.

Cavalli e Nastri pictures by Teemu Muurimäki.

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