Monday, February 23, 2009

Domenica un po di fuori

Wow, Saturday night was rough! All I wanted to do was to continue sleeping and eat something greazy, but instead we had tickets to San Siro. AC Milan was playing against Cagliari and we wanted to see DAVID BECKHAM!!!
We barely made it in time there and couldn`t find our seats for the beginning. Sanna was ablazed with it all and took again more than hundred pictures. I have been there before so I just enjoyed the game.
I bet that half of the men population was in the stadium on Sunday or in the bars watching footboll, crazy country!

Milan beat Cagliari 1-0.

DAVID!!!!! I was kinda hoping that he would take of his shirt again but no... I wore so much clothing and I was still kinda freezing, no good after being sick for 1,5 weeks. Maybe he was chilly as well, hih...

We took the fully packed tram to the Duomo and walked to Naviglio for pizza. Sanna watched the Oscar`s gala live from internet and I was sleeping in 39c fever. Today I have slept in the sofa in coma for 10 hours and in the evening I had to drag myself to the pharmacy in my pyjama pants and get all the possible drugs... We`ll see if I finally feel better tomorrow.

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