Monday, February 16, 2009

L`amica finlandese

I wanted to make a post of my weekend and V-day, but I forgot my camera home on Saturday and I will get the pictures later. You know how it is here, "domani cara..."

I got my dear friend Sanna today visiting me for a week. We share a long history together. We both come from Rauma, lived in Turku and then she moved to Helsinki when I came here to Milan. There is no doubt what we are going to do the whole week.... Enjoy our vacations!!!!! (Actually I should be job hunting, but maybe I can have a few days relaxing time before the women fashion week starts.)

The afternoon started with sparkling and some tourist stuff in the center... meaning lots of pictures. Tomorrow she will for sure drag me to all the museums and sightseeings. Hih... I don`t mind. ;o)

After Duomo and Galleria (and a bit shoe shopping in La Rinascente for me) we met my schoolfriends for aperitifs in a nice place called Cheese. The buffet table was pretty good compared for the others I have visited. It is so funny that now when the school is finished I spend much more time with them. Tomorrow, back for beeing a tourist again...

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