Friday, February 20, 2009

Giovedì a Porta Genova

Thursday was a "relaxed" day. We did some shopping at my neighbourhood`s stores. I always buy my parmiggiano from this "signore" on the other side of Coin. I like to go to his store, because I always get the best service and the cheese and prociutto taste so heavenly.
Our brunch shopping made us go back to my place for some nutella-toasts and strawberries. I just love eating when I finally have the time to enjoy a bit of it...

Sanna finds the best places to take pictures. This trashy bridge over Porta Genova station looked much nicer now in the sunlight than normally if I go running in the mornings when it is grey... ;o)

We made a surprise visit to my friend`s store DMAGAZINEoutlet in Via Forcella. I like to shop there designer clothing a bit cheaper than normally. Sometimes I find amazing treasures and the other times I just can`t believe that an outlet jacket still costs 1400€. This time I got lucky... ;o) (Poor credit card... When Sanna is gone back to Finland, I won`t be eating for some weeks...)
We had a great brunch at my place with sparkling, parmiggiano, prosciutto crudo, strawberries and tuna piadines. Afterwards Sanna continued shopping while I was translating my CV into Italian. In the evening we had "cena" at Luca and Andrea. That is a tiny place in Naviglio which never lets you down with their pastas and cotoletta Milanese.. Despite we almost had to start washing the dishes there, cause they didn`t accept any card payments, I still adore the place... and eating of course!!!


Anonymous said...

ciao I was wondering if you could email me.
I have a few questions.
Im in the fashion industry but want to chit chat a little.

stellina said...

Ciao Bri!
Did you ever get my mail?