Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carnevale di Punks Wear Prada

I have been working for my finals for some weeks now and struggling with my mind pretty badly, so I really needed to get out and have some fun. On Saturday night there was a mask party which I wanted to attend. My friends had been telling about this every weekend theme festival and this lucky Saturday it was an erotic mask carnival... ;o)
When I am completely concentrated into something I just want to finish the project I am on and relax afterwards. I have barely seen my friends for the last weeks. Okay, some quick aperitifs with Teemu and dinners with Irene, but not that much... I missed my friends!

You like the white mask I made? I was thinking that when I make my first Lingerie-collection I could sell these as well.... Hih.

My boys for the night...

The place Santa Tecla Cafe was pretty small and all we did for the entire night was dancing. It was pretty crowded, I normally prefer having a table, but this time it was fun!!!!

I remember always from leaving the nightclub why I don`t go out that often. I HATE looking for the taxi. This time was not an exception. No taxis!!! It didn`t help that I gave my socks to my girlfriend because her shoes were killing her, and now I was in trouble walking with my 12 cm heels... I can just say that Via Torino was pretty cold in the beginning of February and my friend was thinking that I am big time out of my mind... ;o) Well, something new for the "I have never"-game...


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

greetings from denmark!
it must be really nice and sunny there now!
i miss being down by the côte d'Azur and it's probably a lot nicer and warmer where you are now...
love, sarah sofia

stellina said...

I was actually planning to fly there for the Copenhagen fashion week, but no time now.

Still a bit rainy here, but yesterday there was a bit spring in the air already.... ;o) Can`t wait for the sunshine.