Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sfilata di Paola Frani

I should have understood to rest a bit more when I got the cold a few weeks ago. After the insane second semester at Marangoni it is no wonder I got sick. I ended up paying a fortune to the doctor and of all the medicine. Resting the week (and sewing for my client her schoolworks), I am feeling better now. I got a great advice from my friend how to cover from cold. Hih... It is definately working! :o)
I was supposed to work for Antoni Marras for a week, but they cancelled it. I only found it out a day before I was supposed to start when calling there. That much they appreciated the volunteer work I guess. ;o) Instead I got a few fashion shows where I would be working. This morning (way too early) was Paola Frani`s fashion show in Fiera di Milano.
I absolutely adore her new collection for fall/ winter 2009-10. It was so feminine and beautiful.
My Mexicana was there with me.
The girls ready for the practice runway. I just love the slim figures and high high heels. ;o) Honestly... even if I would loose weight, I could never look like they do. They are tiny.

This is one of the vintage dresses I got from Naviglio last week.

I got lucky with my model Åsa. She is from Sweden and she was for sure the sweetest model I have ever met.
The shoes to have for the fall... The heels were absolutely beautiful.

Last touch for the makeup before the show.

The clothes changes are always so intense that there is no time for pictures. Unluckily this time there was "an accident" with one model and her shoes... she didn`t make it in time back to the runway. I feel so sorry for her and all the other girls as well. I guess that is why we didn`t see any champagne bubbling backstage after the show...

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