Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 cose da me

There goes a circular letter in facebook that you need to tell 25 things about yourself. I will add it here as well. Some things are dreams for me... ;o) Btw, this picture is from last night`s party. I will tell you more later... It was so much fun!!!
1. I am a dreamer. (Like you know... I prefer living with my heart...)
2. I love travelling, but I hate to fly except in Business Class.
3. I love sleeping and I enjoy taking naps…especially with someone.
4. I adore Italian music.
5. I drink at least one class of red wine or sparkling every day with food.
6. I could live with champagne and strawberries… okay, a piece of Parmiggiano as well.
7. I love baking and I am pretty good in it. (I have heard at least...)
8. One day I want to live in a city which is by the sea and the mountain. I love the sea breeze! Santa Margherita Ligure is perfect, but way too small.
9. Winter is my favorite season of all. (That means white snow for snowboarding.)
10. I love beautiful lingerie especially La Perla, but at home I don`t like to wear anything. ;o)
11. I love shoes, I have at least 150 pairs and they are not cheap…
12. I could have bought a Porsche with the money I have in clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery… easily!
13. I want a Porsche, black coupe.
14. I want a black panther for a pet… with the diamond collar of course, most probably it would starve to death with me feeding it with Nutella only.
15. I enjoy staying home, but I enjoy aperitifs at Bvlgari as well.
16. I miss my friends every day.
17. One day I will have my own clothing brand.
18. One day I would love to publish a biography. You wouldn`t believe the juicy stories, but there are too many secrets that I don`t want to tell…
19. I still haven`t gotten my Chanel 255 with golden chain or my Hermès Birkin… (Wouldn`t that be a great idea for graduation gift???)
20. I have been robbed, twice.
21. I love bubble baths. Too bad I don`t have a bathtub. That is why I always want a hotelroom with the tub.
22. 3 nights ago I listened to The Strip`s "Breakeven" at least 50 times with repeat. I know… ;o) 2 nights ago it was The Fray`s "You Found Me"…. Hahahaa!!!!
23. When my prince marries me, it will happen by the beach, white sand and barefoot...
24. I hate washing my hair.
25. I want a walk in closet for all my clothing and shoes like in Sex and the city. *Gosp…*
26. I find tall men sexy…. (Ups, that was extra....)


getpalmd said...

Haha the Porsche doesn't sound that bad. Or how could it, it's after all German. Though I'd rather go for the Ferrari or Lambo (God bless Italy) ;-)

Katariina said...

heheeee... hauskoja juttuja susta :) Ma myos rakastan shamppanjaa, talvea, pitkia miehia ja en myoskaan pida hiusten pesusta ;o)

-S- said...

Onnea kohdan 17 toteutumiselle :D

stellina said...

My first wish would be a full time driver (hot one), but I also sometimes enjoy driving.... If the person next to me isn`t tooo scared. Hih....

I have a great memory from Milan-Genova highway a few years ago. I got ordered to stop the Touareq and jump aside after some speeding, hmmmm.... ;o)

Katariina, miten sä voit talvi-ihmisenä muuttaa Ausseihin??? Sulla on hyvä maku, hih...

Kiitti S! ;o)

Katariina said...

Hih...I know! Kaikkee älytöntä ja hullua se rakkaus teettää ;)