Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Un giorno strano

What a day yesterday... I made it to the school on time despite sleeping only a few hours ( just normal for a student studying in Marangoni) and I was really excited to see my friends who had only now returned from their vacations. I am still schocked of my dear friend from Israel telling me that he returned from the war. (I know Gaza, Israel, Hamas, but still...) I feel terrible that I have spent a great time back in Finland and he has spent his 2,5 weeks under ground in bunkers hoping not to get killed. What is wrong with the world today? I feel now that I have been living in the bubble and it is bursting little by little...
Our fashion classes were cancelled, unfortunately, but we stayed working at school. The deadline will be tomorrow anyways, with or without my teachers help. We had a great lunch in my favourite bar and continued working with patternmaking. I so like that class. I can make all the clothing I design... At the moment I am making beautiful coctail dressess.

After school we went for a dinner to the Chinese restaurant, La Felicità. It is in the Michelin Star- quide and it was really good. (Not too expensive even...) It was really late when we left there and I just wanted to get home to continue my schoolwork. I walked to Lanza planning to take the metro, but found out all the trams, metros and busses stopped there. I was in the middle of manifest of Israeli people, polizia and carabinieri. Damn! It was late, me blond and I was for sure in the wrong place at the wrong time. One "gentleman" walking his dog promised to take me home. What!?! Thank god I found a taxi and made it SAFELY home. Welcome to the real life!!!

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Katariina said...

Varmasti kylla pudottaa nopeesti maanpinalle, kun juttelee laheisen kaverin kanssa taman joulusta siella sodan keskella. Osaan kuvitella...Silloin se ei ole enaa jotain minka nakee tv:ssa, jotain "kaukaista", vaan silloin se koskettaa varmasti lahelta ja tuntuu todelliselta.