Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sfilate di Vivienne Westwood

What a blast today at the fashion shows. First in the morning (too early) I worked at the backstage of Frankie Morello. It was fun! The models were boys and the feeling backstage was a bit stiff. Despite that I liked it, it was my first experience working there. I saw the designers, all the interviews and tv cameras... Cool! And of course the champagne after the amazing show. Wow, the designers really were magnificent.
The next show after the lunch was Vivienne Westwood. It was so much fun working there. We arrived 2 hours earlier than the show was supposed to start so we got to see a lot...

Vivienne Westwood`s inspiration was her own gardener Andy.

The atmosphere backstage was pretty much this... ;o)

Me and my model boys... ;o)

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