Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sei cose da me

I got an invitation from Isopeikko to reveal six random things about myself... Hmmm, I don`t even know where to begin. 1. I love fashion magazines. I have lived in Milan only for less than 10 months, but the pile I already have is almost 1,5 meters. I need them for school and my studies... and I just love to see all the latest stylings and fashion shows in Vogue, Elle, Collezione, Fashion Show and Book Moda etc. I don`t even want to think how much money is in that pile or how in earth I am going to transfer them when ever I need to move in the future...
2. I eat a lot of fruits every day, I don`t think that I could live without them. There wouldn`t be much left to eat... meaning that I am kinda picky with all the food.
3. I adore Chanel`s parfyms. My ultimate favourite is Allure Sensuelle. I had a rule not to buy my own parfyms, but I had to make an exception when flying home to Finland for x-mas. I had been without my scent for more than a month. Disaster, hah... ;o)
4. I love champagne. I don`t think that there has to be a special reason when to enjoy it. I feel that every day is worth celebrating.
5. I have a strange addiction to Nutella. I eat it with warm toast or piadine. Really really really bad habit thinking of the coming bikini-season.
6. I love to wear wool sucks at home. My toes are always freezing. The ones that old grandmoms make are the best. ;o)
This was easier than I thought... I could actually continue my list. Now I just have to ask six new people to take apart for this. I would like to hear what Katariina, Karkki, Kazza, Ellen, Paperina and Itkupilli have to share.

*The rules of The Six Random Things About Yourself:
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I May Say said...

about the perfume principle: you don't buy your own perfumes? do you not wear perfume every day? do you rely on gifts? or on samples?

stellina said...

I do wear parfume every day and I rely on gifts. ;o) I have lots of full bottles waiting to be used... Chanel Chance & Coco Mademoiselle, Burberry Brit & London, Valentino, but I just love the one I am using now... (third bottle going on).

Paul said...

Excellent Heidi!!! Chanel rocks and Sensuelle and No. 5 are my all-time favorites. agree with you that a lady should receive her perfume. Bouna fortuna e' Milano!

Your blog gets better and better better!!

Isopeikko said...

Peikko kiittää haasteeseen vastaamisesta ja lukee kaikki kuusi juttua moneen kertaan peikosti virnistellen.

Thanks Stellina for answering. Those are knowledge jewels you revealed.

Kazza said...

Noloo... vasta nyt huomasin että minut on tänne linkitetty. :P Anteeksi ystävä hyvä!