Friday, January 2, 2009

Due giorni molto divertenti...

I used to travel quite a lot before moving to Milan and starting to study there. Everybody always thinks that travelling is pure pleasure, but about one year ago I was sick and tired of all the packing, unpacking, timetables and living from my suitcase. Now I have had a break for enough and I have started to miss it again... After the holidays I travelled to Turku to meet my friends. I had a great day with my friend and in the evening met my girlfriends for dinner at Bossa. It was so much fun to see them again. It is always difficult to get everybody around the same table, the same day, the same time, but we did pretty well together this time. After the dinner we continued to Poro and Rento with Hanna, Jenni and Niina.

My dear dear friend Jenni...

...and Hanna.

On the New year`s eve I changed my party city to Helsinki. I met my other friends there and spent the night celebrating with Sanna. We were in Radisson SAS, where 3 guys hosted a huge party in the suites. So much fun... and new aquaintances. ;o) Sometime at night we left to Lux Black and White. I don`t know whose idea it was to visit also Teatteri`s VIP. The champagne was good there as well. ;o)

I know the parties are always crazy in Helsinki, but this.... for sure wasn`t my fault. Great afterparty as well and on my way back to Rauma on Thursday I slept like a baby. So good to be back at my parent`s place relaxing a few more days before returning to Milan. Happy new years for everybody!!!

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