Monday, June 30, 2008

Le scarpe

Like all the women (I hope), I love shoes! I have a lots of them. I am too embarrassed to even count them. Luckily some are still packed in Finland, so it wouldn`t even be possible. ;o) I am supposed to write about fashion as well, but the only fashion I write about is my clothing and the fashion I am studying. So here we go. There are two important days in the Italian calender in my opinion. They are the starting days of sales-SALDI. It is written in the Italian law that the first saturdays of January and July, the sales must start. Now we are talking about Gucci -50% and Armani -60% etc. Unbelievable!
I got a bit carried away already before the starting days and got these beauties last week at Hugo Boss. I couldn`t just leave them to the store, because they were perfect in my feet. The shoes down are my favourites from Sonia Rykiel which I wore to the premier of Sex and the city-movie. They are fabulous and I certainly feel special wearing them. They make me 185cm tall. There is no change from the Italian men. I don`t know if it is good or bad... ;o) And baby, I do not shop that much!!!!!

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