Sunday, June 1, 2008

Arrivare a Helsinki

My trip to Helsinki started nicely on Wednesday morning. I had a taxidriver waiting for me at the gate. I had met him the day before and he insisted to take me to Malpensa airport. When I arrived to Helsinki the temperature in the afternoon was +22 C, exactly the same when I had left Milan at 8.00 in the morning.
I took the bus downtown Helsinki from the airport. (Pretending to save money...) It became full of burbing KISS-fans. Yack!! Great to be back in Finland. ;o) First thing what amaged me, was the nature. It was so green and spacious everywhere. You become blind with these things when you see them every day around you, I guess.

My "wife" Eve was waiting for me in the center. We rushed to her place to change clothes and hurried to the premier of the movie: Sex and the City. My friend Janne Renvall (a famous Finnish fashion designer) accompanied us as well. I had been waiting for the movie for centuries and I was thrilled to see it finally. It was sadder than I had thought. I recommend to take some handkerchief with you if/when you go to see it. After the movie there was an afterparty at Lux- nightclub with champagne and friends...

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