Friday, June 6, 2008

Lago di Como

It has been quite hard to start studying again after my trip to Finland and after all the cancelled Fashion Design- classes at school. The weather has been terrible for almost a month now. It isn`t that exhilarating always carry an umbrella and think what to wear for rain. Anyways. I knew I would get a visitor from Holland again... that was something to wait for.
Like usually on Wednesdays with Irene, we went to Bvlgari Hotel for aperitivos. My traveller was so hungry after driving more than 1000 km, so we desided to eat there as well. Great food , but hidiously over priced... (I do need a rich guy!)

The next day, on Thursday we had planned to drive to Como-lake with M and so we did. It was pouring rain in Milan when we left and it continued gray when we got there as well. We stopped for lunch at this characteristic village called Argegno on our way to Cadenabbia. I hope that it was the weather, which made my expectations of Como-lake drop down. I wasn`t happy in the Grand Hotel where we were staying (which was ful of elderly people) and neither was M...

After spending the afternoon watching movies in the room and taking a little walk in the rain, we desided to drive back to lively Milan. What a fabulous idea! We had a great dinner at Naviglio...


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi: Just love your blog, you remind me of a certain fictional woman from NYC! Como recommendations: Q Cafe in front of the Hotel Firenze next to the southern part of theLake. Also the infamous Gatto Nero on the hill overlooking the Lake.

Thanks and hope to see you over the summer. I will be in Turku from the middle of June to ???????


Anonymous said...

I agree, il Gatto Nero is great!!! I think we will go there very soon,
so you will believe that Como is fine... :)